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Entertainment while travelling

Entertainment while travelling

As someone who likes to travel often, it was cool to see a film that embraced travel and stories of adventure. Also, the actors did their very best. The storyline, while exciting and interesting enough, was about the only good part of this otherwise awful movie. The rest was filled with obvious stereotypes. It wasn’t just how the characters were portrayed as either male or female, or black or white, but as various types of handicapped people. As if that weren’t bad enough, the bus trip between cities was filled with cheesy, typical travel scenes. Like, someone could always be watching.

Movies like this are a reminder that we need movies that tell real stories. Movies that inspire us to travel and explore new places and cultures, movies that might teach us something about the world, movies that show us all the different ways we are different, movies that might give us a glimpse of what other people are going through. Instead of forcing people to watch a movie about traveling in Africa, travel producers need to show us why travel is important. Let’s go to Morocco instead.

Let’s travel to Africa. Let’s watch movies that show us real stories, real travel experiences, and real journeys. If you’re thinking of planning your own travel, see the travel blogs and videos mentioned in this article. If you’re looking for inspiration or travel adventures, see what movies come up in the Search Engine.

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