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What’s funny about this is there was a massive outcry in the media about Jessica Biel voicing the role of Tina Fey’s character in The Family Movie, though nobody was seemingly bothered by that drama. Here’s one review: “Kathy Najimy has played a vicious witch in so many movies, so who really cares if Jessica Biel is in this as Tina Fey’s manipulative assistant?”
But it shouldn’t have to be debated. It shouldn’t be controversial at all that Hollywood thinks it’s okay for women to have the same roles and roles that men do, with the gender completely erased. There’s no reason to have the “women are not funny” trope, though. Sometimes women aren’t funny. Sometimes they play dumb characters. Just as men aren’t always funny. Just as actors are people who take the roles that best suit them.
I’ll never stop being amazed by this argument. Apparently we’re going to have to use a different one each time an actress plays a role. There’s no reason to have yet another. We should just be happy when women have a spot in Hollywood. In comedy. In movies. In drama.
So this time, let’s have a female movie star as the comedic protagonist. Let’s have a female comedian behind the cast. Instead of a couple of prima donnas. Let’s have actual comedy talent, not comedic talent disguised. It’s great to see some real people in the cast. Let’s see real people instead of drama, drama, drama. Why can’t we have real movies? Why do we have to go back and forth between drama and comedy every time we try to make a real movie?
Note: This column originally appeared in 2011 and has been updated to reflect that Jessica Biel has since voiced many roles in dramatic films and as well as the comedic comedies.

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